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ISERIES takes a holistic methodology in its approach; harmonizing the various parts of the school to create a more effective learning environment. ISERIES includes the following components and their intended audience.

   *Student One-on-one and group mentoring

   *Instructional Coaching and Teacher Mentoring

   *Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

   *Professional Learning/Staff Development

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We Offer

Professional Development

At Inspyre Education we believe that professional development like education should be practical, intentional, engaging, and relatable. As former educators and administrators, we understand that the time we have to learn as professionals is short and therefore should be impactful and insightful. Joining your campus or district in a learning model is not just a chance to learn. It’s an experience for growth.  

Contact us if you need professional development in any of the following areas:

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports ISERIES

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Equity and Inclusion

Character Education

Response to Intervention- Academic

Engaging Presentations

Micro Agression in Schools

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Response to Intervention- Behavior

Restorative Discipline/Restorative Practices

Pre and Post surveys by Ahart Solutions

Instructional Coaching and Teacher Mentoring

Greatness is rarely gifted but more often grown. Research has shown that coaching is one of the most effective practices to support professional development. We have experienced and witnessed great returns through both coaching school leaders and providing strategic coaching to both school districts and non-profit organizations.  

Reduce turnover rate by 20% 

Increase teacher’s level of “feeling supported” by administration by 20% 

Decrease disruptive behavior in the classroom by 35%

Increase classroom engagement by 50%

Increase academic success by 20% (based on local assessments)