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Tim Hill Ed,D, LPC

“You are not  just the fire, you represent the embers that burn before you.” -Dr. Tim Hill

Welcome to the vibrant world of Dr. Tim Hill! A powerhouse of passion, wisdom, and innovation, Dr. Hill wears many hats. Beyond a highly skilled therapist and captivating professional speaker, he is an educational cultural consultant, acclaimed author, and the charismatic host of the hit podcast, "But Let Me Explain Tho."

Bringing a wealth of experience spanning over two and a half decades, Dr. Hill is no ordinary guide. He works tirelessly with individuals, couples, and especially the youth, using a unique blend of street and urban relevancy seamlessly tied with time-tested educational and therapeutic practices. Imagine an engaging one-stop-shop for social and emotional learning - that's Dr. Tim Hill for you!

Looking for professional development? 

With Dr. Hill, traditional 'sit-and-get' learning is replaced with an interactive and immersive approach. Get ready to dive into engaging games, educational material served with a hefty dose of realness, a genuinely inclusive environment, and hands-on practical applications.

And therapy? 

Therapy with Dr. Hill takes an innovative twist. Incorporating video games as tools for expression, creativity, and introspection, he breaks the mold of conventional therapy. Dr. Hill's methods stand out from the crowd, just like the individuals he serves.

If you crave solutions that defy the traditional and embrace the exceptional, then you've landed on the right page. Dr. Tim Hill invites you to inquire early to adapt and customize our services to your unique needs. Because at the heart of it all, it's about meeting people where they are and embarking on a journey of growth from there. Welcome to the future of learning and therapy. Welcome to Dr. Tim Hill's world. Let's grow together!