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Sharita Hill COO

"Empowering you to embrace your strengths, overcome challenges, and strategically design the life you desire is the essence of a life strategist coach." -Sharita Hill

Sharita has been Coaching adults and children for over 20 years in various settings and capacities. At Inspyre Education her experience is invaluable as the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Learning and Development. She has helped many campuses  institute a culture of purpose and care on a foundational level of collaboration. “We know the work that is necessary in order to be impactful. It’s just a matter of rolling up our sleeves and accomplishing our goals.”  

As a Interpersonal Relationshp Coach, Sharita has helped clients improve relationships, communication skills, and deepen connections with those around them. Sharita designed and created a social and emotional curriculum, for afterschool programs and provided behavioral assessments, coaching, and support to infants/toddlers and their families. Recently, she has traveled the United States training and facilitating adults on various topics and foci.

Sharita is excited to utilize her skills and expertise to work with couples and indicidulals to enhance  Personal Growth,  Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and  Relationship Building. 

"The mark you make is greater than any grade that you can give.” Sharita Hill