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Keeley Bibins

“Every child can learn. It's our job, as supporting adults, to give them opportunities to display their abilities.” -Keeley Bibins

Keeley Bibins serves as the Director of Elementary Education at Inspyre Education, and for good reason. She has worked in underfunded elementary schools to the tune of some amazing results. Her work as an elementary teacher would not go unnoticed as she was promoted to Educational Facilitator in a short time.

She was a key figure in the implementation and development of a culturally responsive approach to understanding while working with children and their families. Utilizing her voice, to change legislature and state guidelines regarding early childhood education.

Keeley Bibins is a part of the Inspyre Education community because of her heart and desire to impact elementary education. She wants to grow children, schools, and families because it’s the right thing to do. It is part of the fabric in which makes her special.