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Connie Hill

“After over 50 years of education, I’m still growing as an educator and willing to show others what I learned along the way.” -Connie Hill

Connie Hill’s experience and expertise both as a teacher and administrator are deep as it is wide. As an educational leader, she has organized and implemented teacher training initiatives. In addition to working extensively with various stakeholders; fostering a relationship of trust within the community and state.

Connie’s knowledge of child development and operations of schools is immense. At Inspyre Education, she serves as our Director of Administrative Services and Training. She uses her experience of almost 20 years as a principal to assist in the development and implementation of our curriculum.

Her work as an educator has been highlighted by the media multiple times and continues to garner interest at Inspyre Education. Connie’s greatness comes from her zeal in helping others to succeed including your district or campus.