3 Benefits of Group Therapy

Have you considered attending group therapy? During these sessions, a therapist leads a small group of patients in discussion, encouraging them to share any issues they’re experiencing and offer each other advice. Group therapy sessions often focus on a specific issue, such as improving social skills, recovering from addiction, or coping with the loss of a loved one. While group therapy isn’t right for everyone, it can offer numerous benefits, including the three outlined below.

1. It Helps You Feel Less Alone

Oftentimes, when someone is struggling with a problem, they begin to feel isolated. But when you hear stories from your peers during group therapy, you may discover that you’re not alone in dealing with that specific issue. Listening to others’ experiences may also help put your own problems in perspective.

2. It Offers Unique Solutions

The members of a therapy group often have varying personalities and life experiences. So, when you come to your peers for advice, you’re likely to receive tips that you may have never considered on your own.

3. It Holds You Accountable

Even when you’re committed to achieving the goals you’ve set forth for yourself, it’s easy to let yourself slip from time to time. But when you regularly discuss those objectives with the same group of people in therapy—as well as any obstacles you may be facing along the way—those individuals can help keep you on track.

Start Attending Group Therapy

If you think you could benefit from receiving therapy in a group setting, contact us today. Our experienced therapists offer group therapy sessions for patients in your area, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our practice, answer your questions, and schedule your first appointment.